Imran Farooq (MQM) Murder Case: More Arrests are Expected

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According to the sources, the British investigators are too likely to make “significant arrests” within couple of weeks in the light of real information divulged by Mohsin Ali Syed, possibly the prime suspects in the murder case.

Last 7 days, the investigators met with 5 witnesses including a 12 year old boy. The boy is reported to be an eyewitness who has identified Mohsin Ali Syed as one of the attackers from his photos.

The boy, who was seven year old at the time of Imran Farooq’s murder, told investigators that the attackers had made others children playing almost near the crime scene flee before committing the crime. The eyewitness said he moved from the scene when the murderers attacked Imran Farooq with knives and bricks.

The Scotland Yard is also going to meet Shumaila Farooq, widower of Imran Farooq, next week.

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