Height of ignorance of Pakistani People, who accept anybody as spiritual

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Creator of the earth and sky view humanitarian anbyaءkram Mr. Adam began the chain that is going on, nations, cities and towns covered by the Prophet, and those hearts are perfumed with divine revelation, the Quran tells us In that time more than a prophet prophesied duty to carry out. Then the Universe at mankind and His grace and blessing of Allah be upon the beloved sent through the seal and religion completed, so it can be entered and no religion not excluded. Hazrat Imam Mohammad Mustafa peace be upon him the master of life Section study does not mention anywhere feet and actors. God forbid, I do not deny the Saints opportunities on the tactics of those who oppose it. Islamic law in the name of her companion, there is no post nor the law gives them the respect of her entourage. Beware the ass if no status umqam Imam Hussein holy shrine of his grandfather, the Messenger of Allah and the caretakers living bhsyt her companion. But you did not do it the right way, but your whole family sacrifice in the struggle taught.

Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani rhmth any doubt in perfect fusion.If you want to get to know and serve the religion of Mohammed and Allah will give you higher. He saw the world that you have command over the knowledge of Islam, and became vice-chancellor of the university, and the religion of Mohammed, a service that God gave you when Peron Monday. It makes clear that any move in the merger may not be ignorant Ophir, the poverty students infidels who die without getting mad. The aim of the initiative is that the tie be so clear to you that they do not factor in the person of Sharia air and fly mergers and Monday he could not come.

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