Chip-Based Vehicle Registration Cards Launched in Pakistan

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The Excise and Taxation Department on Friday started the supplying of chip-based registration cards containing details of each the vehicle and also the owner.

According to Deputy Commissioner (DC) Capt (retd) Mushtaq Ahmed, this is often the primary time a multi-security ‘smartcard’ had been introduced to switch the present registration books.

The project was at first planned in January by then DC Mujahid Sherdil, and took nearly 10 months to finish. The initiative has been launched together with the National information and Registration Authority (NADRA).

The card contains details, together with the name of the vehicle owner, his I.D Card number, chassis number of the vehicle, a microchip chip with multiple apps, and a whole record of the actual vehicle.

Ahmed aforesaid through the smart card, keep information may be protected against unauthorized access and tampering.

“The basic objective of the project is to convert the decades-old system into a latest one, as is practiced internationally,” he said.

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Chip-Based Vehicle Registration Cards Launched in Pakistan

At present, 850,000 vehicles are registered with the excise department. The administration has begun issuance new cards at a price of Rs1, 450. The DC aforesaid the department can convert previous books into smartcards for the asking of the client. Each recent and regenerate cards is charged an equivalent said quantity, he added.

In addition, the department can issue a sticker for the extension of a vehicle’s token.

The DC aforesaid a high number of stolen vehicles are on the roads with fake registration papers, adding that the new system can facilitate overcome this drawback.

“In case a card is lost and therefore the vehicle owner reports it, it’ll be blocked before issuance a replacement one,” he said.

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