Vulgar Scene From the Movie “Jawani Phir Nahi Aani”

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“Jawani Phir Nahi Aani” is a new film which is released recently in Pakistan’s cinemas, This is an adventure and comedy movie and Nadeem Baig is the director.
This movie has many controversial scenes that are highlighted on many platforms, now question is this what kind of entertainment is it. Most people saying about this movie that it is the bundle of vulgarity.
And have not privilege could be shown with family. They saying if this movie takes good share of revenue on the box office this factor encouraging to the directors and producer to make more similar movies.
People said, Pakistan’s censor board should be asked from Govt. or High Court that why is passed this movie having so many vulgar scenes, Now it’s your turn to say about this movie. Please watch the video and leave comments.

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