Tony Blair’s Support For Iraq War Revealed In Secret Memo A Year Before Invasion

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Memo from Colin Powell to President George Bush within the latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails to be released outlines the previous Prime Minister’s disposition to back America against Saddam Hussein

A antecedently secret memorandum has given an insight into Tony Blair’s talks with United States of America president George Bush within the run-up to the Iraq War.

The document, written by american secretary of state Powell a year before the 2003 invasion, steered the Prime Minister had signalled he “will be with U.S.A ought to military operations be necessary”, news rumored.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Powell wrote: “Blair continues to square by you and therefore the United States of America as we tend to move forward on the war on terrorism and on Iraq…

A secret memorandum has unconcealed Tony Blair’s talks with United States of America president George Bush within the run-up to the Iraq war “Blair is aware of he could got to pay a political value for supporting U.S.A on Iraq, and desires to minimise it.

“Nonetheless he can follow United States of America on the large problems.”

Former Tory Shadow Secretary of State for the Home Department David Davis told the Mail that the memos prove in “explicit terms what several folks have believed all along: Tony Blair effectively united to act as a frontman for american policy beforehand of any call by the House of Commons or British Cabinet”.

Davis continued: “He was happy to launder George Bush’s policy on Iraq and sub-contract British policy to a different country while not having the remotest ability to possess any real influence over it. And reciprocally for what?

“For George Bush deceit Blair was a player on World stage to impress voters within the United Kingdom once the Americans didn’t even believe it themselves.”

A interpreter for Blair told the newspaper the memo’s content was per what he had aforesaid in public before.

The ex-premier told the Chilcot Inquiry that Bush would have understood he was able to support Army action if the diplomatic route was exhausted.

The informing note, ready for mister Bush in March 2002 before his Crawford summit with Blair later that year, emerged when a court ruling within the United States of America led to the publication of thousands of emails received by Hillary Clinton.

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