Saudi Arabia under attack and saved by Pakistan Army, SSG (Rare video)

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1979: Pakistani Special Forces (SSG) cleared the Holy Kaaba of militants

The Grand house of worship Seizure on November twenty, 1979, was Associate in Nursing armed attack and takeover by armed religionist dissidents of the Al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Asian country, the holiest place in Islam. The insurgents declared that the Mahdi, or redeemer of Islam, had arrived within the type of one among the insurgents’ leaders, Abdullah Hamid prophet Al-Qahtani and known as on Muslims to adapt him.

The seizure afraid the Muslim world as many pilgrims gift for the annual pilgrimage were taken captive, and many militants, security forces and hostages caught in crossfire were killed within the succeeding battles for management of the positioning. The besieging over time period when the takeover began with militants cleared from the house of worship. Following the attack, the Saudi state enforced stricter social control of Muslim.

Confusion reigned at the sphere command, wherever many senior princes, the heads of the military and military attaches from West Pakistan gave recommendation. West Pakistan Army foot and armored units deployed in Asian country were mobilized in real time. West Pakistani SSG commandos were hurried to Mecca from Pakistan on Saudi Government’s request.
In the middle of the day, Saudi troops abseiled from helicopters directly into the yard within the center of the house of worship. The troopers were picked off by insurgents holding superior positions. At now, King Khalid appointed Turki head of the operation.

The insurgents broadcast their demands from the house of worship loudspeakers, business for the cutoff of oil exports to the us and expulsion of all foreign civilian and military consultants from the Arabia. On November twenty five, the Arab Socialist Action Party – Arabia issued an announcement from Beirut alleging to clarify the stress of the insurgents. The party, however, denied any involvement of its own within the seizure.
Pakistanis were the sole forces besides Saudis– as non-Muslims cannot enter the town of Mecca. The Pakistanis asked for permission to finish the besieging by flooding the house of worship and so dropping a high-voltage electrical cable to electrocute all gift. This suggestion was requested by the then military officer of the West Pakistan Special Services cluster, brigadier general Tariq Mehmood. This proposal was deemed unacceptable by Saudi authorities. They then used tanks to ram the doors of the house of worship and Pakistani Commandos then resorted to spraying the house of worship with non-lethal gases so as to subdue the occupiers, and born grenades into the chambers through holes trained within the house of worship yard. The Pakistani commandos stormed the house of worship, and used quantity} amount of force potential to avoid harm to the house of worship. They killed most of the insurgents, and managed to force the surrender of the survivors.
The battle had lasted quite time period, and had formally left “255 pilgrims, troops and fanatics” killed “another 560 hors de combat … though diplomats advised the toll was higher.” Military casualties were 127 dead and 451 hors de combat.

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