Motorola Moto X Force review – the incredible Shatterproof Smartphone

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With its top-end specs, beautiful build quality and outstanding shatterproof display, the Moto X Force is officially king of all smartphones
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While there are a myriad cases that claim to protect the screen, Motorola recently went a step more and free its super-durable Moto X Force.
The firm claims it spent 3 years creating the phone’s five.4-inch display unbreakable.

First, a straightforward ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ fumble whereas making an attempt to text within the workplace saw the Motorola’s device bounce harmlessly off the carpet.
Even once dropped from ear height, the phone remained unscathed.

While departing the building, the phone was fumbled once more that sent the Moto X Force noisy onto the solid marble floor.
Despite the landing screen down from ear height, the phone had no scars from this clattering encounter.

Out on the road, whereas texting one handed , the phone tumbled to the floor a 3rd time, bouncing on the exhausting concrete pavement.
Turning it over, the screen was still unmarked, though one corner of the metal case had an obvious scuff mark.

A fall from ear height did very little additional damage, and once the phone spilled onto the road, whereas stepping off the edge, it picked up additional scuff marks however the screen stayed clear.
Exprets set to place it more to the check by dropping it from a height of 6ft (1.8 metres) higher than the paved surface and let it fall face down onto the rough concrete.

This time there have been additional scuffs to the case because it bounced, and a little dent on the outer layer of laminate on the screen itself, however, it still worked and there was absolutely no sign of a crack showing.
In another check, a bunch of keys was dropped onto the screen.

Another tiny dent within the laminate appeared, however, again, no sign of any cracks.
Back within, the phone survived continual falls down flights of concrete stairs, even ricocheting off a metal bannister on one occasion, however, still the screen remained in one piece and therefore the device worked as normal.
Next, the phone was dropped over a bannister onto a tough marble floor and it bounced down some of the steps.
Again, the screen showed no signs of shattering.

The tiniest corner of the laminate sounded like it had upraised slightly wherever the case of the phone had borne the force of the fall, however, it still worked because it ought to and it didn’t have an effect on the screen.

Even 2 additional of those falls didn’t inflict to any extent further damage.
Having survived these everyday drops and fumbles, a team of builders united to run over the phone to place the screen to its final test.

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Motorola Moto X Force review – the incredible Shatterproof Smartphone

With the obdurately shatterproof Moto X Force placed behind the rear wheel, the driver reversed his vehicle slowly over the phone.
There was a sickening crunch because the phone was ground into the concrete, however, surprisingly, it popped out from the tyre with the screen still intact.
Not to be defeated, the driver drove his truck over the phone another time.
Astonishingly the screen was still crack-free.

The metal case around, it’s been bent by the burden of the truck and therefore the back looked badly scratched.
However, the phone itself did not survive entirely unharmed.
When the power button was pressed to activate the screen, the show didn’t illuminate, however, once the screen was touched it vibrated in response suggesting that it might be simply fixed.
Indeed, the sole visible sign of its ordeal were tyre marks across the surface of the screen that take with a swipe of a finger.

Moto X Force: Motorola’s latest flagship comes with a ShatterShield display. Here’s everything you need to know, including the Moto X Force release date, features and price.

The Moto X Force is out there for £499 for the 32GB version and £534 for the 64GB within the UK and $624 and $720 within the US.
It has a 5.4-inch Quad HD AMOLED screen, runs on a Qualcomm snapdragon 810 processor and features a 21MP rear-facing camera aboard a 5MP wide angle front-facing camera with flash.
Motorola claims the device comes with up to 48 hours of battery life and features the firm’s TurboPower charging that adds up to 13 hours of battery life in barely 15 minutes.


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