Lord Ganesha statue falling on a Hindu festival

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Goliath 30-foot Ganesh statue falls into group amid Hindu celebration festivities.

This is the frightening minute a titan Ganesh statue caved in into a group at a Hindu celebration.

The video shows hordes of individuals accumulated around the base of the enormous 30-foot tall statue, with music playing out of sight.

All of a sudden, the structure starts to move and fall sideways, breaking down onto the ground as individuals shout.

Dust storms from the crumpled structure tuft up into the air as the statue tumbles to the ground.

It’s unmistakable whether anybody was harmed amid the episode.

Submersion day includes submerging statues of the Hindu icon in water and is done so to keep any unsafe ecological effects later on.

This specific submersion day occurred toward the end of September in Hyderabad, which is the capital of the condition of Terangana, in southern India.

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