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See what happens when you tell Google: I’m Feeling Curious

Along with its new sans-serif logo, Google includes a new search trick out its sleeve. kind in “I’m feeling curious” or just “fun realitys” and Google can hit you with a reality box with a random fact. Below the very fact outline may be a link to the supply of the very fact.

Click the blue raise Another Question button for one more fun reality and you currently have at your disposal a wholly new thanks to waste time on the web.

In addition, the i am Feeling Lucky button currently includes a slot-machine feel thereto. Mouse over the button and it’ll spin and land on another feeling. as an example, i am Feeling wonderful opens a World Wonders page on the Google Cultural Institute, while i am Feeling Doodley opens the Google Doodle archive. different examples embody i am Feeling Hungry gap a look for native restaurants and i am Feeling Stellar gap a Google Earth page with Google’s twenty favorite pictures from the Edwin Powell Hubble Telescope.

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  • That’s not just logic. That’s really seilebsn.

    Lilian January 2, 2017 10:54 am Reply

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