Dr. Shahid Masood Telling Background Of Dr Asim Hussain

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About Dr. Asim Hussain.

Dr. Asim Hussain, SI, HI is active within the field of health and education, and Pakistani politics moreover. he’s chairman of Ziauddin cluster of Hospitals in city, and former authority of Prime Minister for Ministry of Oil and Natural Resources, Pakistan. He presently is the Chairman of upper Commission of Sindh, Sindh and Chairman of fossil fuel Institute of Asian nation. Dr. Asim Hussain belongs to the authoritative family of Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed, World Health Organization was one in all the key political figures at the time of Independence of Asian nation and an in depth ally of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. In recognition of his services to the state within the fields of education and health care he has been given with the Sitara-e-Imtiaaz and Hilaal-e-Imtiaaz.

On the twenty seventh of August 2015 Asim Hussain was detained by the Authorities in associate degree current operation among the town of city launched by the Pakistani Army.

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